The Health Canada Licensed Producer system is perhaps the strictest screening process in the world for cannabis producers. The system helps ensure public safety and to prevent illegal sales by closely screening all cannabis producers and resellers in Canada.

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Health Canada is the federal department responsible for national health. Although each province is responsible for operating its own healthcare programs, Health Canada oversees areas such as Indigenous healthcare and pharmaceutical licences as well as cannabis. Health Canada launched its Licensed Producer system to provide Canadians with a source of safe medical cannabis produced in Canada, and the same basic system continued after legalization for adult use. Companies who apply to become Licensed Producers must undergo a strict screening process to ensure public safety and to ensure companies are not supplying the black market. This screening process includes full background checks of owners and corporate board members, financial audits, a filed business plan, and multiple inspections of their growing operations.

As of May 2017, more than half of the applications Health Canada received were returned. Now that cannabis use is legalized in Canada for adult use, Health Canada continues to oversee a slightly modified version of this Licensed Producer system.

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