When it comes to creating a whole new industry – especially an industry that produces a product for human consumption – it all comes down to trust.

Canada is developing what will be the Gold Standard in the world for cannabis licensing, production, and sales. Licensed Producers do have to go through a rigorous process – but for good reason. Anything produced for human consumption has the potential to cause harm to the public health. This is especially true of certain products such as pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and cannabis. Then there is the added risk of the illegal market (or “black market”). Ensuring that Licensed Producers are not contributing to the illegal market is an important step to eliminating it altogether for a safer, adult-oriented product.

The Canadian licensing process helps protect its own residents to ensure a safe, high-quality product that will not fall into the hands of minors. As the world market emerges, Canadian producers will be trusted internationally for upholding the highest possible standards, in turn become a preferred supplier.