(LPC) brings together all federally (Health Canada) licensed producers of cannabis products into one directory. Adult Canadians use LPC to explore and research companies, brands, and products. Companies listed on LPC enjoy all the benefits of nation-wide exposure with little effort on your part. You can manage your own listing or we can do it for you, your choice.

*For information on how to become a licensed producer please visit the Health Canada website. If you have attained your Cannabis license from Health Canada, you can proceed with getting listed on the LPC website.

Here is how it works:

Step 1.
Get Approved

If you are a Health Canada approved licensed producer (processor, cultivator or seller) or you are a late-stage applicant, you can get listed on the website. Once approved, we’ll create and optimize your listing page for your visitors and Google.

Step 2.
Enjoy Traffic, Leads & More

We work hard to keep your listing on top-ranked on Google with accurate and authentic content including exclusive news, offers, reviews, statistics, comments, new products and more. Nonetheless, you have the keys to login and edit your listing 24/7/365 from any device or location.

Get features specifically designed for LP’s:

  • Statistics – Quickly and easily monitor activity on your listing. View statistics for any period you like. Track views, clicks, and contact form submissions.
  • Visitor Contact – Allow visitors to communicate directly with you using a contact form on your listing page.
  • Concierge Support – Need help with the design or content for your listing? Contact us anytime for immediate support tailored to your needs.
  • Extended Location – LP’s can manage their map presence by choosing exactly where their business is located on a map. This ensures listings are found on your website and Google.
  • Business Automation – Use your listing page to engage and interact with visitors. Provide patient support, collect info, recruit employees and more, all from your listing page.
  • Private Messaging – Send private messages to other LP’s directly from your account dashboard on the LPC website.
  • Qualified Reviews – We get your listing (and company) reviewed and rated by an independent panel of qualified industry participants (coming soon).

There are many business benefits for you with very little effort:

  • Improved SEO – Links back to your website will help your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Plus, if your website is new, could take months or years to climb Google’s page rankings. Your listing will show up immediately on the LPC website. (Note: as of this writing, our website is top ranked on the first page for broad cannabis industry terms. See for yourself the exact position LPC is ranking on google when someone searches for the keywords:  “licensed producers“, “ontario cannabis growers“, “cannabis suppliers canada“, “cansell certification“, plus hundreds more keywords and phrases currently ranking in Google, You can try other words yourself to see if/where LPC ranks on Google.)
  • Increase Brand Awareness – There is a lot of competition in the cannabis industry right now, as you know. Listing at will help get your name out there in Canada and internationally.
  • Control Your Message – You get to say exactly what you want to say about your company (within our editorial guidelines), including links back to your own website.
  • Connect with Consumers and Suppliers – The LPC website is designed to be a portal to the cannabis industry for industry-insiders as well as consumers and even international visitors. Your listing will be yet another way you can connect with consumers and suppliers in Canada and around the world.

*To claim an existing listing, contact us.