About Licensed Producers Canada (LPC)


Our mission is to provide transparent, unbiased, in-depth, and exclusive information about Canada’s licensed producers of cannabis products.


To be a voice for Canada’s Licensed Producer system as it becomes the global Gold Standard for responsible cannabis production and legalization.

Canada is a global pioneer when it comes to the safe, secure production of cannabis and cannabis products – and that includes the development of our Licensed Producer system. With the legalization of cannabis first for medical use and now for adult use, Canada is essentially creating a whole new industry that requires expertise in several established spaces including agriculture, physical and digital, health, food production, drug regulation, security and others. We are setting the Gold Standard for a cannabis industry that could serve as a model for other countries.

Why Canada? Why Cannabis? Canada is a leading agricultural nation including our outstanding wheat industry – our corn, cheese, dairy and other products are already enjoyed around the world. We have the technology, climate, soil, political will, safe and secure agricultural system, and domestic market to produce a premium product safely and responsibly.

However, creating a new industry from the ground up comes with difficulties. We already know that there are still many questions to be answered, and there will be changes along the way – the history of Canada’s cannabis for medical use is a testament to that. Those changes can lead to confusion for Canadian consumers, producers, retailers, and researchers as well as international individuals and organizations who want to learn more about Canada’s innovative cannabis system.

Licensed Producers Canada is a website that collects and provides reliable/unique information about the Canadian cannabis industry in a single centralized directory. We scour Canadian and international websites for the latest news and information, and provide in-depth profiles of Canada’s Licensed Producers.

We also provide a place for consumers to connect and engage with producers through exclusive content and promotions directly from the licensed producers listing page.

For visitors, that means a one-stop destination to learn more about the licensed Cannabis industry and its participants.  We also provide research and information about different cannabis product types including: dried flower, fresh plants, CBD/THC oil, seeds, sublingual mist, gel capsules, topical creams, proprietary genetics, edibles, cartridges and more. Licensed Producers Canada will also provide relevant information on new cannabis products including where to find them.

Unbiased and Balanced Information about Cannabis Producers & Products

Our goal is to promote a responsible cannabis industry in Canada which focuses on safe products that do not contribute to illegal markets or that harm the development of our children and youth.

Licensed Producers Canada aims to become the leading source of information about the Canadian cannabis industry for industry insiders, researchers, government, and international organizations interested in learning more about the Canadian system.

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