The Health Canada Licensed Producer system, perhaps the strictest regulation system for cannabis producers in the world, helps ensure a safe, high-quality product. Health Canada has reported that no products grown by Licensed Producers has been sold on the illegal black market. This type of regulated system also helps restrict access & reduce consumption by minors.

Dig a Little Deeper

Cannabis, like any drug, needs to be produced and distributed responsibly. Having a regulated system like the Health Canada Licensed Producer system is very important for meeting these goals. This strict system has helped ensure that only the most responsible companies are producing cannabis and selling it through the approved markets. This system is so strong and effective that it remains in place now that cannabis for adult use was legalized in Canada on Octobery 17, 2018.

Canada is known for its high standards in food production, alcohol regulation, and pharmaceutical safety. Its regulation of cannabis production and sales also meet a higher standard. These high standards will likely make Canadian cannabis products among the highest in demand as global markets for medicinal and adult use grow.