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Martha Stewart partnered with Canopy Growth to develop hemp-derived CBD products.Canopy Growth Corporation CEO Bruce Linton took to the state with Martha Stewart to discuss hemp-derived CBD products at the World Cannabis Congress in Saint John, NB. The cannabis “power couple” said their first market will be pet products.

“What we’re trying to do together is, in the U.S. and in Canada and other markets, we’re going to the basics of getting hemp-derived CBD,” said Linton. “And then we’re looking at how do we put this in products that will assist dogs first in either having diminished anxiety or better mobility.”

“I have cats that could really use some,” Stewart added.

The lifestyle maven and Canadian cannabis company first announced their intention to develop CBD products in February 2019.

Stewart said she has tried topical hemp-derived CBD products such as skin creams. Food will be her next focus, she said.

“Martha Stewart Living has 35,000 recipes. Those can be adapted with the use of cannabis or CBD.”

Stewart said that her basic marketing strategy for hemp-derived CBD products will be the same as it’s been throughout her career.

“My approach has always been make the best product at the best price and distribute it as widely as possible,” she said. “I think it’s always about the best for the fairest price. There is a fair price for everything.”

Celebrity Culture Huge in Cannabis Retail Industry – LPC

This isn’t the only celebrity partnership for Canopy. In March, Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg announced the launch of Canadian cannabis brand Houseplant. Canopy owns 25 per cent of the company.

The industry continues to attract celebrities including Snoop Dogg (who reportedly introduced Martha Stewart to Canopy), Willy Nelson, Whoopi Goldberg and Melissa Etheridge. However, hemp-derived CBD products are having troubles in the United States. Even though hemp is now legalized in the US, the US Food and Drug Administration is not so hot on CBD products despite an exploding CBD wellness market.

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