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Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg partner with Canopy Growth to launch new cannabis brand.Seth Rogen and his long-time writing partner Evan Goldberg have teamed up to launch a Canadian cannabis brand called Houseplant. The partnership includes Canopy Growth, which owns a 25 per cent stake in the company.

Rogen, the Canadian actor famous for his roles in Pineapple Express and The Green Hornet, has also been a vocal proponent of cannabis legalization in the past. The announcement of the new company and cannabis brand may explain why he hasn’t been as vocal lately.

“Since inception, the Houseplant team has maintained a strong focus on abiding by the regulations,” the company said in an emailed statement.

That statement refers to the Cannabis Act’s strict prohibition on the promotion of cannabis, cannabis accessories, or endorsement. It also cannot glamorize cannabis use.

This is why, the statement reads, “Seth and Evan have not participated in any cannabis related event or promotion in Canada.”

The statement also underlined their particular roles in Houseplant. “They are founders and owners, not spokespeople for the brand and have been very careful not to confuse that.” Rogen and Goldberg act as Houseplant’s business leads to grow the cannabis brand. Canopy has the role of venture partner, providing the facilities, expertise and infrastructure to grow cannabis.

Luxury Cannabis Market Nothing New – LPC

Although Houseplant doesn’t come out and say they will be a luxury brand, its celebrity connection will certainly make it look that way. Martha Stewart has also partnered with Canopy Growth to develop CBD products for pets. Similarly, Barney’s entered the high-end cannabis market with its own luxury cannabis retail boutique.

Houseplant plans to sell a sativa first under its new cannabis brand in BC in April, with hybrid and indica strains to follow. Softgel and pre-rolled with also follow as Houseplant expands across Canada.

“We are so proud to be launching in Canada, our home,” Rogen said. “We’re excited to be able to share our passion for cannabis with Canadians in this way.”

The company said it has no plans to launch the Houseplant cannabis brand in the states – presumably at least until the US legalizes cannabis.

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  1. Kevin Smith

    When will Houseplant be available in Alberta?

    1. LPC News Editor Listing Owner

      We’re not sure — and apparently neither is Seth Rogen. According to his website, Houseplant will be available in BC in April 2019 and rolled out to the rest of Canada “in the coming months”. If you can’t find it in Alberta now, your best bet is to ask your usual store about it — they may have more information.