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Cannabis wellness market growing in the US, though the FDA isn't so hot on CBD.Cannabis wellness products are sprouting up all over the place in the United States. That reportedly includes Melissa McCarthy’s feet. According to the Forbes article (link below), McCarthy rubbed her feet with a CBD oil to help her manage the pain of ultra-high heels at the Oscars.

“McCarthy isn’t alone in turning to CBD-infused products to treat minor aches and pains,” the article continues. “In fact, this year’s Oscars gift bag was full of CBD products.”

This year, that “Everyone Wins” Oscar gift bag included a cannabis-based beauty product – Bain Noir – by Canadian company Nannette de Gaspé.

Approximately 7 per cent of American adults use CBD wellness products. That number is expected to rise to over 10 per cent shortly. “Cannabis chic” seems to be the new thing as cannabis wellness products are hitting the high-end market first. Many mainstream companies are jumping into the cannabis wellness market, including Barney’s “The High End” luxury cannabis retail store. Even Martha Stewart is getting in on it through a partnership with Canopy Growth to develop CBD products.

FDA Not Hot on CBD in Cannabis Wellness Products – LPC

However, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn’t so hot on cannabis wellness products. It’s taking the (perhaps naturally) cautious approach. The FDA doesn’t have any rules about the sale of cannabis wellness products including cannabis edibles. For that reason, some jurisdictions such as Ohio, Maine, and even New York City have pulled cannabis wellness products from shelves.

“In December, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb released a statement indicating that CBD products were not legal in edible or supplement form — unless they received FDA approval,” the article states.

Unsurprisingly, the industry wants CBD to be listed as “generally recognized to be safe” which would put it in the same category as caffeine. This would mean cannabis wellness products would not need FDA approval. More people are pushing for this, now that the US has legalized hemp.

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