Licensed Producer Also Addresses Questions of Bugs in the Bud

Cannabis producer asks customers to return brand of product after mould complaintsRedeCan is voluntarily recalling its BEC strain, packaged in 3.5 gram bottles, after complaints on Reddit of mould. One anonymous Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) customer said that she first learned about it on the social media site, and checked her own bottle.

“That’s when I found mould on the pot, after I had already consumed some,” she said. “I don’t even know what kind of mould it is. I’d never considered before to even look for that.”

RedeCan said it received five complaints so far since November 18. It said it is working with Health Canada to determine the source and cause of the mould.

“At this early stage in our investigation, it is not a simple matter to determine how, when or why mould could have appeared in five bottles in a single lot. The cannabis is grown, produced and packaged at our facilities, but is marketed and sold through OCS. Some of the records are in its hands, and OCS and RedeCan are working in cooperation to obtain and analyse this data. The investigation is ongoing.”

Although there haven’t been any reports of illness due to the mould reported, the company added that it issued a voluntary recall. The company will “test and independently verify batch samples”.

“At RedeCan, we are devoted to producing high quality cannabis products. Not only do we accept that we have a responsibility to comply with Industry Standards relating to the production and distribution of cannabis products, but we strive actively to exceed expectations in this regard.”

Jodie Emery, a cannabis rights advocate, said that pre-packaged cannabis is part of the problem.

“Most consumers who access cannabis in dispensaries are able to walk in and look at the cannabis itself,” she said. “With the new approach to legalization, all the cannabis has to be pre-packaged. That means consumers can’t make the safe choice of examining their medicine and their cannabis before buying it.”

OCS told CTV News Toronto that it is aware of the complaints, adding that the LP is ultimately responsible for all testing and packaging.

Also, No Bugs

RedeCan also addressed black specks that are visible in photographs and video as “harmless, non-volatile organic matter”. One website reported “proof” of bug infestation and burrowing. The licensed producer issued a separate statement on November 22 that there aren’t any bugs, and the suspected evidence of burrowing is in face “introduced mechanically”.

“There are no dead bugs in RedeCan product. There are no holes that have been burrowed by insects,” the company said.

The company noted that since its product is grown organically, it is possible that the plants would have come into contact with insects. However, they do not live in (or “burrow” into) the plants, and all possible bugs would be removed during processing.

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