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Cannabis as alcohol alternative: Moe Greens in San Francisco offers a chic, adult experience.Foram Mehta, a non-drinker for health reasons, sees cannabis as an alcohol alternative.

“My distaste for alcohol consumption sharpened into focus as it dawned on me how much drinking was intrinsically tied to generally making me feel like shit.”

She wants to go out with friends and have a good time. It’s just that she doesn’t see drinking as that good time. That’s when she found Moe Greens. This cannabis “consumption bar” in downtown San Francisco allows vaping, smoking, eating and drinking cannabis in a trendy, restaurant atmosphere. In other words, Moe Greens represented alcohol alternative AND an alternative to the bar scene.

“Here I discovered that going out after dark could actually be enjoyable again,” Mehta said. “I’d found my perfect replacement for alcohol.”

Consumption Bars Offer Different Experience from Traditional Bar Scene – LPC

Mehta describes a totally idyllic scene in her quest for an alcohol alternative. You get the sense of the Rat Pack in the 1960s, hanging out and having fun in sharp suits. Moe Greens features “gold metallic wallpaper, Sputnik-style light fixtures, green leather semi-round booths and brick-accent wall.”

And, like any big-city club, there’s a wide price range. Moe Greens offers CBD-infused drinks around $8 she said, with prerolled starting at $13 and going up to $212 for a Kimbo Kush Canna Cigar. A High Roller booth or room with personal attendant and table ordering starts at $420 per hour. Alcohol alternative doesn’t necessarily mean cheap.

Cannabis chic seems to be a concept that’s taking hold. Perhaps it’s a reaction to the back-alley stigma of cannabis. Mehta even calls Moe Greens “a far cry from dumpsters and alleyways, where people have been relegated to pass a joint around on a night out.” This is a world where Barney’s of New York can open a luxury cannabis retail store and Neiman Marcus offers cannabis-based beauty products. Even Martha Stewart is getting onto the scene, developing lifestyle CBD products from hemp with Canopy Growth.

Cannabis as an alcohol alternative should be chic. Why not take the best things of a night out – the glitz and glamour – rather than the paper bags and alleyways? “Cannabis’ implicit chillness naturally lends itself to people’s ability to act like grown-ups,” Mehta says. That’s an alcohol alternative most people who don’t like the bar scene can get on board with.

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