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NY Cannabis Attorney Neal WiesnerToday, Neal Wiesner is a respected NY cannabis attorney. But at one point he was on the other side of the law, serving a prison sentence for drug use.

“When I was in college, it was only the rare weirdo who wasn’t smoking marijuana,” Wiesner said.

To be clear, he doesn’t advocate drug use necessarily. However, he does support decriminalization, both personally and in his professional capacity of an NY cannabis attorney.

“I think drug laws in general are horrible. There are certainly safety and health issues related to drugs, but I do not believe the correct response is their criminal prohibition,” he said.

“People take drugs for all sorts of reasons,” he continued. Some of these include self-medication and simply for pleasure. “I have a problem with none of these things per se. If someone is having a problem from his or her use of drugs, I want to help them, not to lock them up.

Wiesner saw firsthand the years that were taken from people. He found there was a certain injustice to it. “I wanted to become the kind of lawyer I could not find when I needed one.”

Today, he’s glad to see that far fewer people go to prison for cannabis. Still, he feels decriminalization is the only way to go in the United States. He became an NY cannabis attorney in part to help others.

“As far as marijuana in the court system, I believe all drug prosecutions are inherently unjust.”

Legalities of Drug Use Complicated – LPC

Although the United States legalized hemp in 2018, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. There was talk that cannabis might be legalized in 2019, but that seems less likely. Cannabis remains a Schedule I controlled substance in the US. That puts it on the same level as hard drugs including heroin. In other words, the services of NY cannabis attorney Neal Wiesner will likely be needed for a while to come.

However, even after legalization, the problems don’t end there. Canada recently started the process to grant cannabis pardons. It was estimated that up to 10,000 people could have past cannabis crimes such as simple possession pardoned.

Until cannabis is legalized, Wiesner will continue to fight for cannabis criminals as an NY cannabis attorney. “My firm in New York City… aspires to treat its clients as if they were our daughter, or brother or father, or mother, whatever fits.”

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