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InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. was Canada's first Nursery Licence Holder Not only is InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. Canada’s first Nursery Licence Holder, the company represents a giant leap in diversity.

“This opens up a number of pathways to address the genetics issue,” said Deepak Anand, a Vancouver-based cannabis industry expert. “I think that’s why Health Canada launched these product categories.”

On a practical level, the licence allows nurseries such as InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. to supply other LPs with seeds and plants. But just as importantly, nurseries also help genetics diversity. Right now, the market has a limited number of strains, said InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. co-founder Darryl Hudson.

“There is access to genetics now in the industry,” Hudson said. “I think that’s going to allow businesses to set themselves apart. If you have something unique and proprietary from the beginning, then you can market and brand it.”

InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. plans to offer a “unique, vast collection” of strains for other LPs. It can also in theory supply homegrown cannabis customers indirectly with a wider variety of seeds.

In fact, diversity for the homegrown market is one of InPlanta Biotechnology Inc.’s goals.

“I want to see people grow at home,” Hudson said. “I’ve never really been keen on the $10-$20 per seeds. I would love to put cheap, high-quality packaged seeds into the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and the Alberta Cannabis store right away, where people can access them without having to pay exorbitant prices.”

As of September 29, 2019, the OCS store offers one brand of seeds from Tweed at $60 plus shipping for a four-pack.

Nursery Licence the Result of Years of Work – LPC

InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. started as a research company at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. According to the company About page,  the co-founders are both PhDs in plant genetics. Igor Kovalchuk, the other co-founder, holds eight patents in plant transformation and tissue culture. The company still offers research services in many different areas including breeding, product development, and QA testing.

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