Residents in Alberta and Ontario Can Get Pharmacy Support Through Medical Cannabis Consults – LPC

Shoppers Drug Mart provides medical cannabis consults for residents of Ontario and now Alberta.Shoppers Drug Mart provides medical cannabis consults for residents of Ontario and now Alberta. Jeff Leger, President, Shoppers Drug Mart, said that it is a “leap forward” for patients who want professional advice to ensure the drug is right for them.

“Medical cannabis, like any prescribed medication, requires the same level of counsel from a healthcare professional,” Leger said. “Our goal is to enhance the service and support that patients receive through this process.”

Even with the legalization of cannabis in Canada, patients still require a prescription.

“You still have to have a physician create a medical authorization,” said Dr. Hance Clarke, Shoppers Drug Mart’s medical advisor. Once they talk to their doctor, patients can register with the program, get their medical cannabis consults, and receive their prescription. Medical cannabis is still shipped by mail – none of the Shoppers Drug Mart locations stock cannabis.

Shoppers Drug Mart Does Not Recommend Self-Medicating – LPC

Dr. Clarke said that there are many reasons why patients should seek out medical cannabis consults with a pharmacist anyway. Self-medication is not recommended.

“When we talk about recreational cannabis, Canadians now have this perception that cannabis is the cure-all,” he said. “That clearly isn’t going to be found to be the case.”

Medical cannabis meets more exacting standards, he said, so patients know exactly what they are taking. (Companies like Aurora may get cannabis revenue from both medical and recreational cannabis. In Europe, all facilities are geared towards medical, such as Tilray’s new EU Campus in Portugal.) But the most important part of medical cannabis consults is that they can help people understand side effects and possible bad reactions with other medications.

“What if you’re someone who has a complex medical condition? Let’s say you have high blood pressure, a kidney problem, a liver problem. These are all scenarios where you want to have guidance.

“There’s really no other medication someone should just go out, try to get some, and try it to see if it helps your symptoms,” Dr. Clarke said.

More information on medical cannabis consults can be found in the original article (linked below) or on the Medical Cananbis by Shoppers Drug Mart website.


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