Nannette de Gaspé Cannabis-based Beauty Product in “Everyone Wins” Swag Bag

Nannette de Gaspé Cannabis-based Beauty Product in Oscars 2019 Swag BagThe Oscars were a big night for cannabis-based beauty product company Nannette de Gaspé, too. The Montréal-based luxury beauty product company was invited to add their Bain Noir cannabis sativa bath soak treatment to the famous “Everyone Wins” Swag Bag given to actor nominees.

Nannette de Gaspé president and chief operating officer, Adele Rubiano, said they were surprised to be asked. “Truthfully the ‘Everyone Wins’ Oscar nominee bag was really not something we had considered,” Rubiano said. “Of course, when you’re presented with that kind of opportunity you don’t say no.”

This year, twenty-five swag bags will be handed out to the twenty-five nominees in actor categories including Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Leading Role. Traditionally, companies who contribute to the “Everyone Wins” swag bag get big marketing boosts from free exposure – including through this article.

“We’re very excited to see who actually reacts to it, and hopefully we get a shout out from it. There would be nothing better than that,” Rubiano said.

Alison Gordon of 48 North said cannabis-based beauty products are becoming more mainstream.In total, there were five cannabis products in each swag bag, including the Bain Noir sativa soak. Alison Gordon of 48 North, another Canadian cannabis-based beauty product company, said that cannabis products in general are becoming more mainstream.

“When people think about cannabis they often think about getting high or medical, and a lot of people don’t realize that the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant are going to be in all sorts of products that people aren’t even thinking about today, whether that’s their vitamins or beauty products and food,” said Gordon, 48 North’s co-CEO.

Cannabis-based Beauty Products Hitting the Mainstream

Indeed, the cannabis-based beauty product industry is hitting the mainstream including many luxury cannabis retail stores. Neiman Marcus recently announced its luxury line of cannabis-based beauty products. Barney’s of New York is jumping into “cannabis chic” with its luxury cannabis retail store in Beverly Hills called “The High End”.

In the case of the Oscars swag bags, the shift seems to be more to do with what’s happening in Hollywood rather than the world in general. Lash Fary, founder and president of Distinctive Assets (who distribute the “Everyone Wins” swag bags), agrees.

“The biggest new theme in this year’s gift assortment is tied to the legalization of cannabis in California,” he said.

Cannabis-Based Beauty Product in Swag Bags “A Great Fit”

Others like Matt Ryan, vice-president of marketing for National Access Cannabis, said that the inclusion of any cannabis-based beauty product and CBD-based products in general makes sense considering the recipients: Hollywood actors.

“Cannabis is certainly attributed to a wellness lifestyle and when you look at those products in those bags and you look at the people who are going to be the recipients of those bags — it’s a great fit,” he said.

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