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As harvest nears, cannabis thieves are scooping plants.As the fall harvest approaches for many home growers, be aware of cannabis thieves. Jenna Blais of South Dundas, Ont. found that out the hard way. At first, she didn’t believe what she was seeing – or in this case, not seeing.

“It was kind of like a cartoon where you’re walking and think, ‘Something’s up’ and you turn and look, and they’re gone,” she said. Cannabis thieves wasn’t her thought though. “I stopped everything. I called my parents, I called my boyfriend and said: ‘Did you harvest early? You didn’t tell me. What’s up?’”

Her boyfriend confirmed that no, he didn’t harvest them.

“‘The plants weren’t stolen, were they?’”

Blais was lucky. In Oshawa, a man who confronted his cannabis thieves was stabbed and had to be transported to a hospital in Toronto.

Part of the issue, the article suggests (please see link below), is that in Ontario, plants are more visible. In B.C., plants can’t be visible from areas accessible to the public. In New Brunswick, outdoor plants can only be grown in a locked, fenced enclosure. Quebec didn’t allow it, but a provincial judge ruled the homegrown cannabis ban unconstitutional.

Homegrown Cannabis Becoming More Popular – LPC

Homegrown cannabis is on the rise. It’s cheaper to grow it yourself. And, some are enjoying the gardening experience. Some universities offer cannabis degrees and courses even, though those are mostly for the cannabis green rush for industry jobs.

However, without security, outdoor plants are especially at risk to cannabis thieves. One man in eastern Ontario installed a security camera and a sign. The notice suggests the man will share with would-be cannabis thieves after harvest.

“The camera and the sign are more to keep the honest thieves away,” he said. “It doesn’t really prevent somebody from coming up with a mask and just taking it.”

House insurance may cover some of your loss, but only if they are purchased from legal sources. Even then, insurance may only pay out $100 per plant, which covers the cost of seeds but not much else. A plant produces 500 grams of flower could be worth $5,000 at market prices.

The various police departments quoted in the article did not offer any specific advice about how to protect plants from cannabis thieves. Generally though, being vigilant and keeping plants out of view will help reduce the risk.

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