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Candre Cannabis Inc.. HR Director and President

Candre Cannabis Inc., which received its Health Canada licences for cultivation, processing, and medical sales in July 2019, is taking a unique approach. Thanks to changes in Health Canada’s regulations, the company is able to bring new strains to the market that previously were unavailable.

“The market is looking forward to having more diversity,” said Jesse Beaudry, Candre Cannabis Inc. president and CEO.

Health Canada made the changes in 2018 in response to cannabis shortages and supply chain issues. Beaudry said that newer companies still waiting for licensing could declare “non-traditional” seeds and starter materials.

Candre Cannabis Inc. is also planning to sell recreational cannabis. However, it must go through a number of test crops first.

“Health Canada would like to see (at least) two compliant crops,” he said. “If Health Canada isn’t happy, there might be three test crops — as it should be.”

Company Located in Sundre, Alberta near Calgary

Candre Cannabis Inc. growing facility is located in Sundre, Alberta, about 125 kilometres northwest of its head office in Calgary. According to its website, the company is a “fully-funded, privately-held company focused on providing high-quality in-demand cannabis products.”

The facility is called the Calyptra project, a 43,335 sq. ft. indoor facility “built specifically for the production of premium quality cannabis.” There are 12 isolated grow rooms using a three-tier mobile vertical grow system to increase productivity.

Beaudry expects Candre Cannabis Inc. will grow quickly. He said they will likely have more grow rooms and staff.  The greatest challenge will be to control that growth.

“We have to walk before we run,” he said.

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