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Cova Software’s Cannabis POS System Beat Out Popular Foreign Companies – LPCCova Software is the little-known company behind a unique cannabis POS system in Canada. You might think that POS or “point of sales” software are everywhere these days – what’s the big deal? Selling cannabis is not the same as selling other products, though.

“We carefully designed our product to align with the nuances of cannabis laws and regulations,” said Cova CEO Gary Cohen.

As anyone following the licensed producer system in Canada knows, there are strict laws and specific policies that retailers need to comply with. Since both federal and provincial laws come into play, these policies can vary from province to province. Cova calls its cannabis POS system software “a dispensary POS designed for compliance.”

Last week, Ontario cannabis retail stores opened. Cova is the cannabis POS system for at least 20 of the 25 stores who won the Ontario cannabis retail lottery.

Cova was founded in Regina but is now headquartered in Denver with Canadian headquarters in Vancouver. Outside of Canada, the Cova cannabis POS system is running in California, Oklahoma, Washington, and Colorado.

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Beleave Begins CBD Oil Sales – LPC

Beleave Inc. announced on Monday that Beleave Kannabis Corp., its wholly owned subsidiary, has started cannabis oil sales. Current cannabis oil products made at its Hamilton plant include what Beleave calls “a blended and balanced THC/CBD cannabis oil.”

“We’ve been looking forward to sharing these efforts with our patients and the entire Beleave community,” said Roger Ferreira, Chief Science Officer at Beleave. “I’m happy to say that the time has finally come.”

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