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A group of organizers in Edmonton recently launched “Meet and Green” cannabis mixers for professionals. Brad Ward of the group is planning several events including outings to the movies, charitable events, and supporting local businesses. Its first public event will be on July 16 – a networking meetup at a pub, where they can smoke cannabis outside.

“I’d like to do something where we go out and support new businesses, like mom-and-pop restaurants,” Ward said. Cannabis mixers can work double-duty as professional events and a way to support the business community. “I think that could be really interesting, having a lineup of people who just smoked a joint with the munchies supporting a new pizza place.”

Ward, an insurance broker, describes himself as an average user. The group already has about 28 members including small business owners, financial advisers, and lawyers. He said that alcohol has long been accepted in the business world as a way to break the ice. Cannabis mixers can have the same effect, and can lead to creativity. Once people get through the stigma, that is, now cannabis has been legalized.

“If you go to a mixer and you say, ‘Hey, you want a beer?’ nobody bats an eye. But if you say, ‘Want to go outside and smoke a joint?’ they think you’re crazy,” he said.

Cannabis Becoming More Accepted – LPC

Alison McMahon, founder and CEO of Edmonton-based Cannabis at Work, said cannabis mixers was only a matter of time.

“This is something that’s actually quite common in the cannabis industry already,” she said.  “Being at a professional networking event and people choosing to use cannabis instead of alcohol.”

Cannabis is going mainstream on both sides of the US/Canada border. Barney’s of New York recently opened its high-end cannabis retail store and Neiman Marcus released a line of cannabis-based beauty products.The Consumption Bar in San Francisco offers a “chill” alcohol alternative for those who want to be social without drinking.

Cannabis mixers like the ones happening in Edmonton takes that to the next level.

“What nobody’s talking about is the experience and the community,” Ward said. That’s where his idea for cannabis mixers came about. “I thought, nobody’s doing this, so I’ll just do it.”

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