Montreal-Based PotRentals Expanding Airbnb-Like Cannabis Experiences to Alberta Capital – LPC

Pot Rentals, the Airbnb of cannabis experiences, has added Edmonton to its list of cannabis destinations.
Sushi and cannabis? Just one of the cannabis experiences PotRentals offers.

PotRentals is expanding its cannabis experiences to Edmonton. It already offers “weed- and fun-friendly” accommodations for travellers to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. The idea is to make it easier for people to find accommodations that allow smoking cannabis. With other short-term rental services, that means reading each description to see if the location is cannabis friendly.

“PotRentals clearly aims at encouraging and even accelerating the tourism in the region,” said PotRentals head of communications Brian Marques. However, he added, cannabis experiences must be offered in a socially responsible manner, respectful of the neighbours. “Once you make sure it’s legal to operate and offer a weed experience, you can offer either a room or your house or apartment.”

Marques stressed that it’s not just about cannabis accommodations – it’s more about cannabis experiences. Hosts are encouraged to interact with guests to provide, for example, luxury tours of the city’s nightlife.

Cannabis experiences in Edmonton seemed like the next logical place, Marques said. “Edmonton’s reputation as the premier festival city in Canada is clearly something that offers great potential in terms of tourism.”

According to a PotRentals ad, the host can make from $3,200 to $10,500 per month offering cannabis experiences.

The New Cannabis Economy – LPC

Cannabis experiences such as PotRentals and others are part of the new cannabis economy. Smith Falls, Ontario lost a lot of tourism when the Hersey’s chocolate factory shut down. Now that Canopy Growth is in the space, cannabis tourism hopes to replace the 250,000 tourists the town lost.

In the US, cannabis tourism and recreational activities are popping up everywhere in states where it’s legalized. A report from VOX predicts that consumption lounges are around the corner in California. Indeed a consumption bar in San Francisco offers an alcohol alternative for those who still want a social night out. Even stores like Barney’s provides cannabis experiences of sorts in its luxury cannabis retail store.

Will the trend continue? Part of the thrill is the stigma of cannabis. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other gambling destinations got their start because gambling was illegal most other places. However, others are trying to reduce cannabis stigma. In Edmonton, for example, “Meet and Green” cannabis mixers offer another way for professional to network.

Like most new industries, the key for companies will be to find ways of keeping interest in cannabis experiences once the novelty has worn off. Las Vegas itself has certainly proven it’s possible.

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