LPC is dedicated to fostering an open dialogue on the subject of cannabis. We focus on industry leaders and news with a vision towards a cannabis industry that is strong, safe, and responsible. In collaboration with government and industry, we will play a key role in publishing digital content that helps Canadians and the world. Want to join our Team?

We are looking for like-minded professionals to join our team in a collaborative role. We have a variety of projects that require:

  • News Curation (investigate, research, fact-find, annotate, share, etc. the latest news & research) – Click here to apply.
  • Content Creation (photographers, journalists, writers, bloggers, reporters, videographers, designers, graphic artists, illustrators, etc.) – Click here to apply.
  • Community Engagement (social commentators, community outreach/builders/influencers, industry outreach, guest blog posters) – Click here to apply.
  • LP Research & Analysis (research and explore specific LPs) – Contact us to apply.
  • Cannabis Industry Consulting (deep or specific knowledge of the Canadian and global cannabis industry) – Contact us to apply.

Have another collaboration/contribution idea? Contact us to discuss.