Become a Content Contributor to LPC

You’re a writer, photographer, videographer, or other content creator. You know about cannabis or certain areas of the cannabis industry. Why not become a content contributor to LPC?

We are always looking for content contributors who can provide fresh, new perspectives on cannabis to post in our News section. These include:

  • content contributor, Contribute Articles and Other Media to LPC!Summaries of news items with some of your own intelligent insights thrown in.
  • “Feature-like” stories from local to global that are fun and informative about the lighter side of the cannabis industry. These might include anything such as mom-and-pop retail operations, Martha Stewart’s next big thing, or how Canadian LPs are expanding to a surprising location somewhere in the world.
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Information about your own LP or cannabis industry business. Please note: we shy away from full-on advertisements for the news section – please see our Guidelines below.
  • Interviews with industry leaders and workers
  • Areas of the cannabis industry we don’t often hear about.

Besides the News section, we may use your content also/instead:

  • On an LP page (if you belong to an LP, please let us know – we would love to expand your Listing page)
  • In our Knowledgebase

What We Offer

In return, we offer our cannabis writers and contributors:

  • A platform to feature their writing or other media
  • A byline/credit
  • A short (50-word) Contributor Bio
  • A link back to your personal or company website

Interested? Please read the guidelines below, then Contact Us with questions.

Content Contributor Guidelines

Read some of our news articles before submitting to get a sense of our style.

  • Become a cannabis writer for LPC -- promote your LP, business, or your writing talent.LPC is a Canadian website with a focus on the Canadian cannabis industry. We do publish international stories, but they should always keep the Canadian audience in mind.
  • You may submit completed cannabis articles or other content that follow these guidelines, but it might be helpful to contact us to pitch an idea before you start writing/creating content to ensure it meets our needs.
  • Article length should be 200-500 words. We may accept longer pieces in exceptional circumstances – please contact us
  • Stand-alone images should be high-res and should include suggested alt tags and captions. It is generally okay to submit photos that appear elsewhere on the Internet, though please ensure you have the rights to the image.
  • Videos can be any length, though we tend to prefer videos that are 2-4 minutes long. Our preference is to embed YouTube videos – if you have a different format, please let us know.
  • Please clearly identify one or more keyword phrases in your article and use throughout.
  • Articles need to be ORIGINAL and unpublished elsewhere. We do not publish articles that appear verbatim or near-verbatim elsewhere on the web. Please do not submit any articles you did not write or do not have permission to use.
  • Article style can be anything from newspaper article to conversational. However, please keep the writing professional.
  • Articles should be backed up with facts. Statements such as “ABC Company posted the highest revenue reported for quarter.” with a link to the source are acceptable. Statements such as “ABC Company is the best company in the world.” are not acceptable.
  • Articles or other media about your own company or that of a client are acceptable. However, as mentioned above, we do not publish any articles/media that the editors deem to be “hard sell” marketing pieces. For example, if you invented a brand new pruning shear, please do not make claims about how it’s the best in the world, what the price is, etc. Rather, tell how your pruning shear helped one particular cultivator or how and why you came up with the idea. We prefer to present balanced stories that inform and engage rather than sell. You will have the opportunity to submit a short Author Bio of 50 words in which you can list your company, a website link, and marketing copy.
  • Please link to all sources.
  • Please use Canadian spelling and grammar. The most commonly misspelled word in the Canadian cannabis industry today is “licence”. When used as a noun, it is spelled “licence”, as in “Health Canada cultivation licence”. When used in any other way, the word is spelled “license” as it, “Health Canada licenses LPs” or “licensed producers”. Some other common Canadian spellings are: colour, travelled, grey, armour, defence, offence, centre, metre, and catalogue. Also, please use “cannabis” and not “marijuana” – “mary jane”, “weed”, etc. is right out.
  • For articles, please submit at least one image with your story. Please do not submit any images you do not own. Images that you have used elsewhere on the Internet are generally okay. Stock images are fine as well as long as you have permission to use them. We may share images via social media.
  • Videos that accompany articles are a huge plus. Again, please ensure you have permission to use; videos you have used elsewhere are okay. Our preference is to embed YouTube videos – if you have a different format, please let us know. We may share video via social media.
  • LPC does not delve too deeply into the cannabis lifestyle. We do not use colloquial words like “reefer” or “stoned” and we do not glamorize cannabis use. Articles should be informative and professional. Read some of our news articles before submitting to get a sense of our style.
  • Topics we cover include the business of the cannabis industry (we don’t focus too much on stock price except as an indication of what a company is doing – stock updates are not acceptable), how cannabis is affecting mainstream culture, medical cannabis, etc. Read some of our news articles before submitting to get a sense of our style and areas of coverage.
  • When citing sources, please use reputable news sources.

The Process

  • We encourage cannabis writers to pitch ideas, but you may submit completed articles that follow the above guidelines if you prefer.
  • All articles and Contributor Bios will be reviewed by the LPC editorial team prior to publication. We will discuss any issues that do not conform to these guidelines as necessary.
  • Once your article has been accepted for publication, we will add it to the news section, LP listing, or Knowledgebase as appropriate.

How To Apply

Simply fill out and submit the form below to apply. Thanks for considering becoming a contributor!

Questions about becoming a cannabis writer for LPC? Feel free to contact us.