…and Why Does Switching to Legal Supply Prevent Cannabis Vomiting Syndrome?

What Causes Cannabis Vomiting Syndrome?Dr. Michael Verbora, who practises cannabis medicine in Toronto, doesn’t know what causes cannabis vomiting syndrome. But he does know that switching to a legal supply of cannabis can help. One patient started getting cannabis from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and all of his symptoms stopped.

“We know that there are no heavy metals, pesticides, fungus, pesticides,” Dr. Verbora said. “That’s really the only difference that I know of. There are regulations in effect on medical and adult-use legal cannabis versus the black market, where there’s no regulation.”

Cannabis vomiting syndrome or cannabinoid hyperemesis usually only affects heavier users. Dr. Verbora’s patient in question smoked about a gram per day, but others can smoke 10 to 15 pre-rolls every day. Symptoms include nausea and vomiting, sometimes to the point of blood. Some have a craving for hot showers, which can lead to burned or dried-out skin. The obvious cure is to stop smoking cannabis. But for medical patients who use cannabis to treat pain and other symptoms, it’s a trade off.

Some blame cannabis vomiting syndrome on neem oil, an organic pesticide. Others blame the THC levels. Another theory is that heavy cannabis use can damage part of the nervous system called the TRPV1 receptor. This may explain why those experiencing cannabis vomiting syndrome symptoms crave hot showers and hot pepper rubs. The heat can trigger this receptor, leading to a relief of symptoms.

Some question why it doesn’t happen as much in traditional cannabis use areas of the world like Jamaica and Amsterdam.

The Case for Legalization Grows – LPC

Clearly, more research is needed into cannabis vomiting syndrome. But it seems cannabis legalization has helped on several levels. For one, there is evidence that for whatever reason – fewer toxins, lower THC levels – patients can avoid symptoms altogether.

Legalization also means it’s easier to do research in general. There are already several projects underway, including cannabis research into opioid use among ex-NHLers. More than that, doctors still question the effectiveness of cannabis for treating anything from pain relief to preventing diabetes and treating epilepsy. Canada could become a hotbed of cannabis research including cannabis vomiting syndrome.

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