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DIY edibles for people who can't wait until DecemberDIY edibles are Paracanna’s answer for those who can’t wait for cannabis edibles legalization later this year. The Victoria-based company is selling Zen Zingers, a kit that allows consumers to control THC dosages in homemade gummies. The kits were sold previously to medical cannabis patients and recreational users. However, these kits also contain candy moulds.

Paracanna’s DIY edibles kits do not contain cannabis themselves, so they are not a licensed producer (LP). Still, the packaging is purposefully low key so it doesn’t attract children. Paracanna recommends that consumers “start low and go slow” when experimenting with dosages.

“We don’t want anyone to go out and take a really high dose and hurt themselves,” said chief executive Andrea Butterworth.

Quebec Public Health Feels Edible Ban Doesn’t Go Far Enough – LPC

Meanwhile in Quebec, DIY edibles may be the only option for consumers. Provinceal public health directors in the province want stricter regulations on edibles use. The province has already said it will ban any edibles that resemble candy.

Quebec Public Health is concerned about accidental poisonings and other dangers to minors. It is calling for all edibles to be banned that aren’t explicitly allowed by the provincial government. This article doesn’t mention a stance on DIY edibles:

Chocolate Masks THC Content – LPC

If you are making DIY edibles with chocolate, you may be adding more THC than intended. David Dawson, a researcher in Oakland, California, said that new cannabis research shows that chocolate in edibles throws off potency testing.

“The chocolate itself is affecting our ability to measure the cannabinoids within it,” he said.

The more chocolate there was, the less accurate the testing. His current thinking is that the THC attaches to the fat in chocolate, masking the cannabinoid.

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