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"Point Out the Pot" Campaign launches in Manitoba.The Government of Manitoba will spend about $450,000 telling residents to “Point Out the Pot”. The series of brochures and ads underlines the importance of warning people any cannabis when passing out edibles. The PR campaign will also remind people to keep edibles and all cannabis away from kids and pets.

Kristianne Dechant, executive director of the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba, said cannabis safety is paramount. The Point Out the Pot campaign is part of that. “Our focus is always … on providing information to encourage and improve public and consumer safety,” she said.

Manitoba Justice Minister Cliff Cullen said the government will introduce a bill to ban all public consumption of recreational cannabis. The Progressive Conservative minister said that cannabis shouldn’t be normalized.

“To prohibit consumption in public, I think, prevents that concept of having cannabis being a normal, run-of-the-mill, everyday product. It’s just not a very good message to send to our youth,” he said.

Currently, Manitoba only bans cannabis smoking and cannabis vaping in public.

Quebec initially suggested a similar public ban when it raised the cannabis consumption age. However, this was changed since people who live in apartments couldn’t smoke at home. “Point Out the Pot” is not necessary in Quebec since it banned cannabis topicals and edibles.

Most industry analysts expect cannabis edibles to hit the Canadian market (where legal) by mid-December.

“Point Out the Pot” a Reasonable Request – LPC

Few would argue that “Point Out the Pot” is an unreasonable request. Dosing someone without their knowledge is wrong and has led to emergency room visits.

However, too many regulations will have the opposite effect as we’ve already seen in Canada. Black market cannabis is still strong today. Most say this is largely because of tradition and a lack of legal options. Sure, let’s Point Out the Pot and protect our youth. But if cannabis is legal in Canada, perhaps normalizing it and reducing the stigma isn’t such a bad idea.

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