Cannabis Seedling Craft Growers
Source: Max Pixel

One of the worries about cannabis legalization in Canada was that only the “big boys” would be at the table — large conglomerates focused on maximizing profits. There certainly nothing wrong with trying to appeal to as big a market as possible, but often that leads to middle-of-the-road quality and little experimentation.

The brewery industry in Canada is a good example. With the rise of craft brewers, the Canadian consumer is getting more choice and a wider variety of tastes with fewer preservatives and other added chemicals.

Similarly, the new cannabis legalization regulations will essentially create a craft cannabis industry. Micro-cultivation and micro-processing licences allow smaller operations who are interested in quality over quantity to become a Licensed Producer. This will mean more variety for Canadians without relying on the illegal markets for variety. Ultimately, it could make Canada the world’s nursery for new cannabis strains as well.

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