Highlanders Cannabis Corp. in North Sydney, NS Will Produce Wide Range of Products

North Sydney venture to produce cannabis in various forms pending government approvalA StirlingPharma pharmaceutical plant that closed in 2011 will soon be brought back to life as a cannabis production facility – and the new owners are local. As in, four generations local.

Tiffany Walsh, who founded and is company president and director of Highlanders Cannabis Corp., said that her family is originally from the Sydney Mines area of Cape Breton. Previously she practised as a corporate lawyer and became one of the first in Canada to focus on cannabis law. Now, she hopes this new venture will create jobs and become a “value-add toll manufacturing” facility for licensed producers (LPs) including micro-cultivators. Highlanders will also be able to help companies reach international markets.

The company plans to produce cannabis oil, capsules, tablets, vape cartridges, transdermal patches, topical creams, and distillates to infuse edibles and beverages.

It’s another Canadian success story, blending high-tech aspects of the almost ready-made facility that will help Canada lead the way in tech innovations in the cannabis industry. https://licensedproducerscanada.ca/news/bionic-eyes-how-weed-tech-is-making-cannabis-production-more-efficient But it also speaks to rejuvenating livelihoods. Cape Breton was built on coal, and as demand for it goes down, the area is welcoming new industry to help bring jobs back to the area and boost the economy.

Walsh said she doesn’t have estimates as to how many jobs will be created when the plant opens. Highlanders Cannabis Corp. is currently in the licensing process and plans to start production in Q3 2019.

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    Great news…Cheers! I’m looking forward to investing in highlanders Cannabis corp. Pl’s keep me ported as to when you list on the TSX.