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Karma Cup Comes to Toronto this weekend.The 6th Annual Karma Cup takes to the streets in Toronto this weekend in its first year since cannabis legalization last October. Event organizers describe it as an “elite cannabis competition, festival & craft cannabis industry trade show”. It showcases music, speakers, a vendor village, and craft exhibitors. The event’s goal is to create “a cannabis-positive space for growers, producers, business owners, industry experts and their fans.

“Welcome to this exciting time in Canadian cannabis history,” writes even organizer Sarah Sunday on the Cup website. Sunday founded the Cup in 2013. “We are poised on the brink of a new era for our beloved plant! To usher in this new era we present the newly expanded Karma Cup.”

The centrepiece of the event remains the competition itself. Participants vie for the top three spots in several categories including different strains and even a functional glass category.

“Value, Fun, Integrity, Positively, Truthfulness, and Quality are the ideals to which we aspire,” Sunday writes. “Together we can create a positive future for our Industry.”

Venue a Secret – LPC

For the last couple of years, the Karma Cup has kept its venue location a secret until the last minute. Originally, this was due to permitting concerns. However, it does add a certain mystery to the event which participants seem to love. Announcements should come today via text, Facebook, and Instagram. (Those interested can text “Karma” to 393939 for more information, according to the website.)

However, Cannabis Life Network has confirmed that a kickoff party for Friday night (September 6) at Planet Paradise. 

Co-host Craig Ex said that he isn’t sure how the Karma Cup will be different after legalization.

“We’ll see when we get on the ground exactly how different it is or isn’t. But, Sarah keeps it pretty true to the craft cannabis community,” he said. “I’m glad she’s staying true to the origins of the Cup.”

Find out more about the Karma Cup in its LPC MarketPlace ad:


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