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GreenLeaf Productions Inc. prepares for cannabis harvest, demand from growers for extraction servicesGreenLeaf Productions Inc. might be a new licensed producer (LP), but it’s no stranger to extract processing. Founder and president Mike Hodgson opened the processing facility in southwestern Ontario initially to extract CBD from hemp. Now that GreenLeaf Productions Inc. has become a Health Canada processing licence holder, it will be able to work with cannabis too. And perfect timing – edibles, topicals, and cannabis vaping will be legalized in just over a month.

“Our CBD oil extraction services help growers who do not have their own ability to process biomass or adequate extraction capacity or who want to branch into other products,” said Hodgson. He added that GreenLeaf Productions Inc. can help micro-cultivators trying to reach niche markets as well as provide overflow services for larger companies.

Quality is the key, he said, to improve safety. “The strength and purity of black market cannabis products have remained largely unknown since the earliest days of its recreational use. Legalization has brought with it the opportunity to better ensure the safety of the cannabis consumer.”

Turning Ontario’s Tobacco Belt into Cannabis – LPC

GreenLeaf Productions Inc. is based in St. Thomas, Ontario near London in the southwestern part of the province. Previously known as the “tobacco belt”, cannabis is replacing that crop in some cases – and Greenleaf is in the middle of it. Ontario has the highest number of LPs in the country, with many of them within a couple hours of St. Thomas.

“Most growers can only be great at doing so many things. GreenLeaf Productions Inc. is open for business and ready to have a conversation about how we can help,” Hodgson said.

Any company looking for value-added products – including edibles – must first find a reliable processing partner. GreenLeaf aims to be that partner.

“They can bring their flowers here, which we can extract into oil and then turn that into an end-product for them. GreenLeaf Productions Inc. is here to produce oils, edibles, creams – just about anything anybody can dream of,” Hodgson said.

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