Health Canada Suggests Evergreen May Divert Cannabis to Black Market – LPC

It is unclear if the company website was blocked before or after the Evergreen suspension.
Image from the now-blocked Evergreen website. The Evergreen suspension is the latest in Canada.

Health Canada announced it suspended Evergreen Medicinal Supply, Inc.’s cultivation and medical sales licences. The Evergreen suspension actually came in August after an unannounced Health Canada inspection. Health Canada spokesperson Tammy Jarbeau confirmed the move to BNN Bloomberg (see link below). She indicated that part of the reason was concerns about Evergreen cannabis going to the black market.

“Health Canada suspended Evergreen Medicinal Supply’s licences to protect public health and safety, including preventing cannabis from being diverted to the illegal market, as a result of non-compliance with certain provisions of the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations,” Jarbeau said.

The Evergreen suspension comes on the heels of other high profile suspensions. Bonify Medical Cannabis in Winnipeg had its licence suspended in early 2019 after Health Canada found it was selling unlicensed cannabis. CannTrust Holdings Inc. had its licensed pulled for illegal cannabis activity including unlicensed growing areas.

Although the CannTrust matter is still undecided, fines and jail time for executives and workers are all possibilities.

Story Goes Deeper Than Evergreen Suspension – LPC

The Evergreen suspension is just part of the story. Court documents in BC show that Evergreen landlord Philip Illingworth sued Evergreen. Illingworth said the company owes him $425,061 in back rent. The court found Evergreen had not paid rent in three years of its five-year lease. The lease itself expired at the end of December 2018, which Evergreen also contested. The court ordered Evergreen to vacate the 5,700-square-foot facility by the end of August 2019.

The facility is located in Central Saanich, BC on Vancouver Island, about 20 kilometres north of Victoria.

Meanwhile, the Evergreen website has been essentially shut down with a temporary splash page blocking access to the site. It is unclear if the splash page appeared before or after the Evergreen suspension.

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