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Contaminated CBD more likely from illegal sourcesA recent study in the US found contaminated CBD in illegal products. Further, the study by LegitScript ordered CBD from 300 online sources. Researchers found that 98 per cent were non-compliant in at least one regulation.

Researchers also didn’t make it clear whether that was a symptom or a result. But testing revealed the contaminated CBD was a real threat. One product, for example, contained 18.5 times the allowable limit for lead. LegitScript CEO John Horton said it “had so much lead in it that it’s roughly on par with Flint, Michigan drinking water.”

Other contaminated CBD products were traced back to China.

Risk of Contaminated CBD in Canada Not Known… but Legal Sources Helps – LPC

The study extended only to the US market. But cannabis safety is one of the reasons touted for the legal system. The Ontario Cannabis Store (OSC) said all samples are tested. The risk of contaminated CBD is higher from illegal sources. If there is an issue, CBD products can be traced back to producers.

“Consumers have shown a strong demand for legal CBD-dominant cannabis products,” said Amanda Winton, OCS Communications Manager. The Toronto Sun article states that “CBD” and “CBD Oils” are the most commonly searched terms on OCS website. (Please see link to full article below.)

Health Canada plays an active role. Inspectors visit licensed producers (LPs) through cultivation and processing. They collect soil samples, product samples, examine the process, and examine records to ensure compliance. This allows them to catch most issues including contaminated CBD products.

However, they cannot catch issues outside of the legal supply chain. The Sun article reports that 72 per cent of Canadians get their cannabis from illegal sources. Various reports suggest that black market cannabis is still a popular option across the country. That may or may not be a true reflection of the CBD buyers. But regardless, anyone who buys outside of legal sources is at higher risk of buying contaminated CBD.

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