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MPs put the question of cannabis legalization in New Zealand to the voters in a 2020 referendum.There will be a referendum question on cannabis legalization in New Zealand for personal use when voters will go to the polls next year. The New Zealand Herald (see link below) states that it promises to be a major election issue in 2020. So far, most members of parliament (MPs) have committed to ratifying the bill, should the people vote for cannabis legalization in New Zealand. Some though, such as Simon Bridges, leader of the New Zealand National party, want to know more details before committing their vote.

“I would need to have some answers to some basic questions like: What’s the tax rate going to be? Will gangs be able legally to sell drugs? Will edible gummy bears be legal?” Bridges said.

So far, the proposal outlines in broad strokes what the law would look like. The legal age limit for cannabis use would be 20 and could only happen on private property or specially licensed venues. There would also be limits on growing your own cannabis at home. As in Canada, advertising of cannabis products would be prohibited. Many of the details, such as those Bridges pointed out, haven’t been finalized.

David Seymour Act leader welcomed the referendum on cannabis legalization in New Zealand. He said that prohibition had clearly failed. Seymour suggested Canada be a model for New Zealand’s efforts.

“The government should send commissioners to Canada to find out everything they can about that country’s experience with legalization,” Seymour said.

New Zealand’s Cannabis Referendum 2020 – LPC

New Zealand’s Electoral Commission will draft a yes or no question about cannabis legalization in New Zealand after the government presents a draft law next June. That will be followed by an education campaign on the referendum question leading up to the election. A “Yes” vote does not automatically legalize cannabis. The draft law would still need to be ratified in parliament. However, it’s expected that most MPs would vote for cannabis legalization in New Zealand in that case.

New Zealand legalized medical cannabis use in 2018.

If the law passes, New Zealand would be the third country along with Canada and Uruguay to legalize cannabis for personal use. That seems to be the trend globally.  Several states in the US have legalized cannabis and hemp has been legalized. However, cannabis is still illegal federally, That may change soon – perhaps even before cannabis legalization in New Zealand.

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