Province Home to 65 Licensed Retailers, Says AGLC

Alberta\'s cannabis industry \'well ahead\' of other provinces: NotleyAlberta Premier Rachel Notley told CTV Calgary that Alberta leads the country when it comes to retail cannabis. As of January 1, 2019, the province had 65 bricks-and-mortar stores according to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Corporation (AGLC).

“We’re pleased that the AGLC has been so far ahead on this,” Notley said. “We have more product and more access to the product in Alberta than in other parts of the country.”

Compare that to the rest of Canada, and she looks to be correct. Currently, there are 12 legal retailers in Quebec, one in British Columbia, and zero in Ontario, which is expected to open 25 retailers in April of this year.

The good news in the cannabis industry was balanced in the article with the bad news in the oil industry. Low prices had a tremendous impact on Alberta’s economy.

Notley is “relatively optimistic” about the Trans Mountain pipeline to British Columbia, though she notes the problem is that it will be delayed. According to Notley, that delay costs the economy $80 million per day in lost revenues.

It’s hard to imagine that a booming cannabis industry will replace that, but it certainly would help cushion the blow.

One of the main concerns over legalization was that it could cause policing issues. However, she said, the process has gone smoothly so far with police reporting fewer problems than expected.

“We’ve heard from some law enforcement officials that things have been a little bit less chaotic than they thought,” Notley said.

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