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Tantalus Labs and Valens GroWorks announce partnership to produce cannabis extractsTantalus Labs and Valens GroWorks Corp. announced a new partnership to produce cannabis extracts. Although not stated explicitly, the news release seems to indicate that the extracts would be used for vape pens, currently illegal in Canada.

“Tantalus aspires to deliver unprecedented vaporization experiences to a discerning user base,” said Dan Sutton, CEO of Tantalus Labs. “Valens is absolutely our best-in-breed partner to formulate these experiences with.”

However, cannabis extracts can be used for a wide range of products including edibles and topicals.

The partnership is described as a two-year fee-for-service agreement. The term begins from the date of first shipment from Tantalus, expected early in the 2019 third quarter.

Don’t be confused by the names. Tantalus Labs is a cannabis grower, while Valens GroWorks is the processor in this deal to produce cannabis extracts. Both companies are based in BC.

The name “Tantalus Labs” comes from its unique greenhouse design called SunLab. According to the company, SunLab uses full-spectrum sunlight and rainwater for irrigation. The system circulates “fresh, BC air” every seven minutes to reduce the risk of mold and pests. Tantalus has also developed its own strains of cannabis, which it refers to as “exclusive phenotypes.”

Valens GroWorks describes itself as a “research-driven, vertically integrated Canadian cannabis company.” Its focus is on cannabis extracts including distillation, isolation, purification, and quality testing. Valens also holds a cultivation licence from Health Canada.

New Cannabis Products Coming by October 2019 – LPC

The deal between Tantalus and Valens comes ahead of full legalization of non-dried cannabis. Health Canada has set a deadline of October 17, 2019 to allow cannabis edibles (including beverages), topicals, and other cannabis extracts. It released proposed regulation guidelines for cannabis extracts in December 2018. Other Canadian companies are producing products made from cannabis extracts. Province Brands is also developing a cannabis-brewed beer that does not contain alcohol and doesn’t rely upon infusion.

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