Licensed Producers in Manitoba

The licensed producers (LPs) in Manitoba listed below are all regulated by Health Canada and licensed to grow, process and/or sell cannabis products under the Cannabis Act*. The rigorous licensed producer application process requires many steps to ensure safety and security. Although cannabis is legalized federally, each province can control how and where cannabis products are sold. The provinces also have the power to regulate other aspects of cannabis useThis includes raising the minimum age limit and setting out rules about use in public.

Manitoba  Cannabis Laws

Manitoba Excise Stamp Manitoba  Excise Stamp Manitoba  has the following laws in place:
  • Minimum Age for Adult Cannabis Use: 19
  • Maximum Possession of Cannabis (Adults): 30g
  • Where to Buy Cannabis Products: Private licensed stores or online
Find out more about cannabis legalization and licensed producers in Manitoba at the province’s official website. *The Cannabis Act became effective in Canada on October 17, 2018.

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Each company on this list is licensed to operate in the province of Manitoba by Health Canada.
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