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Boost Traffic | Gain Exposure | Reach Your Communication Goals | Enhance Branding (LPC) is a unique and exclusive communications platform that helps suppliers, investment companies, government organizations, and other cannabis industry stakeholders reach their marketing goals: boost sales, disseminate information, raise awareness, gain credibility with investors, and similar communications strategies. We put you in front of your target audience and help you connect.

LPC is part directory, part marketplace, part thought leader, and part news and discussion about issues related to the cannabis industry. We are a group of like-minded companies, organizations, agencies, and thought leaders coming together to promote a responsible industry and contribute our own talents – an online and ongoing “platform” for the cannabis industry’s best to showcase themselves to the world.

Why get listed on

You likely know how difficult it is to cut through the noise and get your message out there. As of October 24, 2018, there were 132 (and growing) licensed producers in Canada, yet only a few consistently make the news. Industry suppliers have an even harder time making a splash. Companies are looking for creative methods to get their names in front of their target markets.

LPC helps you connect with a qualified audience by leveraging our own high search rankings and directing that traffic to your listing page.

  • Consistently High Google Rankings – We are on the first page for a growing list of search terms such as “licensed producers”, “list of licensed producers Canada”, “licensed producers Canada”, “Health Canada approved cannabis”, and “Licensed Producer system in Canada”. (Try a search out for yourself of a term that relates to your business to see for yourself).
  • Google Authority Site – Google doesn’t release any information about their algorithms or how they rank websites and pages. However, given that we rank so highly for many search terms including counterintuitive terms such as “Health Canada approved cannabis”, this indicates that Google sees the LPC website as an Authority Site for cannabis-related searches. All other things being equal, links from LPC will help boost your own search engine rankings. (It’s also why we limit our Partners to just a few, to keep that “Google link juice” flowing.)
  • High Volume Traffic – Both of the above result in a higher volume of traffic to our website relative to other industry-based sites. The more traffic we generate for our site, the more website visitors will see your company information – and click on your links. Given that the cannabis industry is new, unique and fragmented, each qualified visitor has great contribution value to your business. (See audience metrics below)

Your LP Listing Page

The LPC website offers each LP an official Licensed Producer Listing Page that allows you to post company info, news, links and so much more. Only officially authorized licensed producers & late-stage applicants are included in the directory so LPC traffic quality remains high, noise low and your lead/visitors already qualified.

With your LP Listing, you will enjoy:

  • Exclusivity: This is an exclusive directory of officially authorized licensed producers only. Take your place as an industry pioneer.
  • More Exposure: A full page on the LPC website. Here you can include company info, images, videos, links, and almost any other materials you’d like to share.
  • Qualified Traffic: Website visitors find us on the web and are directed to your website (see “Consistently High Google Rankings” below)
  • Opportunities to Contribute Your Own Content: Write and submit to our news feed and blog including news and feature articles, white papers, case studies, and industry analysis. You can also post them on your own LPC Partner Listing Page. You can reference these documents in your communication materials, and they will also help drive traffic to your website through Google searches. (Don’t have a writer? We can help – contact us.)
  • Added Credibility: Every LP listed on LPC has been vetted and deemed to be a credible source that our website visitors can trust.
  • Advanced Features:  We have a roadmap of incredible features and functionality coming online on a daily basis that will help you advance your business goals.
  • VIP Access to the LPC Marketplace: You can place specific ads aimed at your target market. Not only will these ads be viewed by LPC website visitors, but they will also pop up naturally in Google searches by people searching for your product or service – usually within days. 

Traffic Statistics

(contact us to view the latest statistics)

Visitors Source Countries (top 3) Top keywords (Top 3 position)
  • Monthly Unique Visitors = 8000
  • Weekly Unique Vistors = 2000
  • Daily Unique Visitors = 300
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Germany
  • “Licensed Producers”
  • “cannabis producers in Canada”
  • “Canadian cannabis suppliers”

Visitor Demographics

Our website visitors come from all areas of the cannabis industry including:

  • Licensed producers
  • Craft growers including micro-cultivation and micro-processing licence holders
  • Cannabis industry suppliers
  • Investors
  • Policymakers
  • Consumers looking for information about cannabis products
  • Patients

Most website visitors come from Canada, but we attract visitors from around the world including international suppliers, buyers, investors, and policymakers. International exposure will grow as more countries legalize cannabis for medical and/or recreational use. Canada is seen as the vanguard of the industry, building a Gold Standard cannabis industry. The world will look to Canadian cannabis industry leaders for their own country – and they’ll find the best of the best on LPC.


An all-inclusive monthly rate for a 12-month contract (first month free) makes it easy and worry-free to get visibility 24/7/365. Price includes:

  • One LP Listing Page – An enchanting digital experience to showcase your company/brand/message to Canada and the world.
  • Authoritative Links – drive traffic to your LPC Partner Listing Page or your website
  • Personalized Content – Opportunity to contribute content to our news and blog feeds that are branded and linked back to your Listing Page and website
  • Thought Leadership – Opportunity to become a thought leader in the Canadian and international cannabis industry along with other like-minded companies, organizations, and government agencies
  • Advanced SEO for your listing page and keywords
  • 24/7 Concierge for content, design and technical support
  • Cancel Anytime
  • First Month Free
  • $45/month for 12-Month Term


About (LPC) (LPC) launched in 2017 with a mission to gather news and information about the cannabis industry from credible and respected sources. Never has this been more crucial – with the burgeoning cannabis industry, there is so much change and misinformation that it’s hard to cut through the chaff to get to the grain of truth. Our goal is to create an information resource for investors, consumers, suppliers, government, and those curious about the industry in Canada and internationally. Our vision is to promote a cannabis industry that is strong, safe, and responsible. Most importantly, we are helping licensed producers themselves. If you’re an LP, we can help you reach your business goals by getting your message in front of a qualified audience. Learn more about LPC.