Sales Licence Holders in Canada

Health Canada Cannabis Cultivation Licence Infographic - LPC
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All companies in Canada who plan to sell cannabis for medical purposes must hold a federal Sales Licence. They also must sell the product in the packaging that they received with the product cannot repackage the product. Please note that sales of cannabis for non-medical use (recreational adult use) differ between provinces and territories. For more information about these differences, please visit: "Cannabis in the provinces and territories" The licensed sellers listed below are authorized to perform any or all of the following sales for medical purposes activities under Health Canada's Cannabis Regulations:
  • Sell or distribute cannabis products to a client
  • Sell or distribute cannabis products to a licence holder (with the exception of a cultivator)
  • Sell or distribute cannabis products that are dried, fresh, plants or cannabis seeds to micro-cultivator or standard cultivator
  • Sell or distribute cannabis products that are plants or plant seeds to a licenced nursery
  • Sell or distribute cannabis products other than plants or seeds to a hospital employee
  • Must sell cannabis products in the packaging in which they were sold or distributed to them
For more information about Processing Licences, please see Appendix B: Cannabis Licensing Application Guide See all companies below
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