Research Licence holders in Canada

Health Canada Cannabis Cultivation Licence Infographic - LPC
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All companies in Canada who plan to research cannabis must hold a federal Research Licence. License holders can provide research services to other licensed cultivators, processors, sellers and/or testers. The licensed researchers listed below are authorized to perform some or all of the following activities under Health Canada's Cannabis Regulations:
  • For the purpose of research, possess, produce, and transport, send, or deliver cannabis between sites that are authorized by the licence
  • Sell cannabis plants or seeds to a cultivator, another researcher, cannabis drug licence holders, the Minister, exemption holder
  • Research licence holders will be required to destroy all cannabis in their possession upon the completion of their research project as part of the terms and conditions of their licence. They may be authorized to conducted limited sale and distribution activities such as the sale of cannabis plants and seeds to another researcher or a cultivation licence holder.
For more information about Research Licences, please see Appendix B: Cannabis Licensing Application Guide See all companies with below
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